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Flight Cases
Flight Case Construction Options

Aluminum / Fir 1/8" 1/4" 1/2"
High Durability

FiberLex 1/4"
Moderate Durability

ABS Plastic / Luan Plywood 1/4"
Low Durability


In a perfect world, you might be able to rely on a cardboard box to ship your valuable, fragile materials. Instructions such as "Handle with Care" and "Do Not Drop" might be respected and observed. But let's face it. It's not a perfect world. Your shipment is rarely going to be on the top of the pile. The amount of pressure weighing upon it will be enormous. No matter how you ship it, your package is going to be bumped and jostled. The more often it travels, and the further it travels, the greater the chance it will arrive damaged, or even destroyed.

Design flexibility means that we don't fit the product to the case, we fit the case to the product. Each Big Deal Custom Case is designed and built using hardware that is tailored to meet your shipping requirements.

At a minimum, your Big Deal case will be constructed to meet or exceed the Airline Transport Association rating of Specification 300, Category 1. This is the highest commercial rating possible, and applies only to those shipping containers which have proven to withstand a battery of intensive tests, including transit drop, water spray and vibration testing.

To withstand the rigors of repeated transport, Big Deal custom cases are fabricated from aluminum clad 1/4 inch, 1/8 or 1/2 inch fir plywood. Body panels are then inserted into a double edge aluminum extrusion to which they are glued, crimped and riveted. For additional security, the corners of the case are reinforced with zinc plated, steel ball corners and corner clamps, which are fastened with steel rivets. A continuous tongue and groove aluminum valance ensures that the lid of the case fits snugly, providing resistance to dust and moisture. Finally, high tension closures and spring loaded retractable handles are flush mounted in the case wall. Inside a Big Deal Custom Case, your equipment is equally secure. High density custom made inserts for internal cushioning guarantee optimum protection. Big Deal Custom Casings can also provide isolation mounting, dust and mildew prevention, and water proofing. Other services available include hard wiring, E.I.A. rack mounting, custom aluminum and stainless steel components, stenciling, labeling, castors of all sizes, locks, skids, load straps, and specialty hinges. Before you ship your valuable materials, remember: Proven Durability is a Big Deal.

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