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ATA Blues -

Flight Case Claims Not Always What They Seem

The term ATA flight case generally is used to refer to a reusable shipping container that has been approved for air transport by the Big Deal ATA 300 Cat. I Flight CaseAir Transport Association of America. The use of the term ATA Flight Case can be somewhat misleading because there are many specifications designated by the ATA for reusable shipping containers. An ATA Specification 300 Category II container, for instance, is designed to have a life of only 10 trips. Big Deal Cases have undergone compliance testing for ATA Specification 300 Category I, which specifies containers designed to withstand at least 100 trips. Consumers should be careful to request information on rating, testing and specifications from the manufacturer. Often products advertised as Flight Cases are Category II "short life reusable shipping containers". As well, consumers should be cautious when considering cases offered as "ATA Style Flight Cases," as the design and construction have probably not been tested. It is worth asking a few questions before making a purchase decision. Please see our Flight Case Page for more information.



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